Thermo Transport

Temperature controlled transport

Thermo transport throughout Europe

In our department in Aalborg, Aalborg, we specialize in thermo transport, where our employees are experts in handling especially temperature controlled goods. From here we offer the highest service and quality.

We ensure that your refrigerated goods remain cooled or frozen during the entire transport and are delivered all fresh. 

At Lauritzen we handle all types of thermo transports and have extensive experience in all areas of thermo transportation, distribution and express delivery. 

We customize as always a transport solution for your specific need, allowing you to have great flexibility, no matter if you wish to have your temperature controlled goods with road transport or rail freight. 

With our thermo transport lauritzen offers: 

  • Approved for food handling
  • Constant monitoring of temperature-controlled transport
  • Express transport 
  • Transport of temperature controlled goods by truck or train
  • Flexible departure
  • Completely customized solutions

We offer road transport staffed with either one or two drivers, where express transport with two drivers leads to shorter transit times, as this optimizes driving time. This solution is especially ideal when transporting time sensitive products. 

solar cells on the trailers

With solar cells on our refrigerated  trailers we avoid unnecessary driving in order to charge the diesel driven batteries to the refrigerators, and we hereby also save diesel. In addition, we avoid replacing the batteries on the refrigerators, which are quickly worn out by constant use. The batteries are worn when they are repeatedly discharged, which happens if they do not drive often. With solar cells the batteries are charged continually. 

Besides having some clear environmental benefits, the trailers with solar cells also benefit our customers. The solar cells ensure that the GPS's in the trailers never run out of power. This means that trailer and related goods can always be tracked without risk of disconnection. For the companies that conduct environmental policy and environmental accounts, the solar cells also benefit their reporting.

Since 2013, Lauritzen has had a transport agreement with the Bama Group. Lauritzen has run parts of the volume from Italy to Norway, and conducted missions in an excellent manner. The company has a competitive set-up with trucks, good rail solutions, good and qualified staff and equipment of high standards. The cooperation has been based on transparency, efficiency, and future-oriented, Bama Trading


Transporting fresh seafood

When transporting fresh fish, it is important that the solution is fully adapted for this purpose. Lauritzen offers the perfect set-up for fresh fish delivery with road transport.

Read more about our transport of fresh seafood here

Ann Hansen
- Alice Butik
We have collaborated with Lauritzen as our freight forwarder for about 14 years and have always been very pleasant with them.
It is easy to book and in case of problems/delays we are notified.

Clear departures make it easy to see when to expect our goods will be delivered.

The staff are always friendly, happy and accommodating upon inquiries, which makes you in a good mood when talking to them.

We have tried other freight forwarders but has always returned to Lauritzen.
Brian Pedersen
- HL Keramik
Always amazingly high service. You continuously bring good info about delivery times.
Furthermore, we always experience great flexibility with you.
Johan Steffensen
- Steff Byg
For 25 years, if not more, Lauritzen have had all our transport to Italy and have always handled it exceptionally good.

As we are located in the same city, Lauritzen has always been good at paying us a visit, if something has been missing, which has also contributed to very good relationships among the companies.
If something goes wrong, against expectations, Lauritzen quickly report this. And in case we need goods in a hurry they also find a solution to this. All information is passed on. That means a lot to us.

In addition, Lauritzen transport what we have to Spain, Norway and Sweden.

To us, Lauritzen is not a supplier but a partner.
Niels Hagelskjær
- Garant Holstebro
Garant Holstebro has in about 15 years purchased tiles from Italy and Spain. In these 15 years we have more or less only used Lauritzen for transportation of our tiles.
For us at Garant Holstebro it is all about an end product of the highest quality which also means delivery of our products.
The cooperation that I have personally had with Lauritzen for many years now can only be described as excellent.
I send orders every week and all orders are handled professional. Each request is answered immediately and each case at the concerned factory is handled thoroughly so we always have our goods loaded in time, which means that we can comply with all our deliveries.
In case of accident, I receive an email or a call from the office immediately, so I can always give our customers a message about a possible change of delivery time.
I have to say that I rarely experience such a complete workflow as the staff perform at Lauritzen.
Incredible nice people to talk to and write with. I could mention some names, but I am sure they know who they are, and I am certain that all at Lauritzen performs equal.
Poul-Henning W. Nielsen
- Slagelse Flisecenter A/S
We always receive an excellent service from Lauritzen.
When there occasionally are accidents by train, which Lauritzen are not an influencer on, they are good at informing of possible obstacles. Mean while they are also good at remembering our orders and always asking if other orders is to be transported back home. We are very satisfied with the cooperation.
- Hydro
Samarbejdet i opstartsfasen er gået utrolig godt. Vi sætter stor pris på at det altid er de samme, der håndtere vores bookinger og de har styr på det. De holder os godt informeret.
Vi sætter endvidere pris på at det, så vidt muligt, er de samme chaufføre, der kommer ud til os igen og igen.
Sammenfattet ser vi at den service vi var vant til fra Lauritzen fra før, stadig er den samme. chaufførerne gør som de bliver bedt om / i overensstemmelse med vores HMS-krav, så vi er yderst tilfredse med opstarten.
Henrik Simonsen
Italpannelli Nordic ApS - Direktør
Vi har brugt Lauritzen i ca. 1,5 år nu, og aldrig har vi haft så godt et samarbejde med et fragtfirma, som vi har nu.

Lauritzen kan håndtere utrolig mange transporter på kort tid, nogle gange op til 26 full loads på en uge, endda omkring sommerferie tid. Det sætter vi stor pris på.

Lauritzen yder os en rigtig god service, med det rigtige opsæt af forskellige trailerstørrelser mv. samt pris.

Det bedste er, at vi har fast kontaktperson, som håndterer alle vores transporter. Det er en kæmpe fordel.

Vi kender hinanden og ved hvad der er vigtigt i samarbejdet. Derved undgår vi en masse mulige misforståelser, og det giver ro i maven at man ved, der er nogen der har styr på det, og man føler arbejder for os.
John Knudsen
HL Keramik - Purchaser
Lauritzen solves all our tasks concerning loading of tiles in Italy. Their set-up is probably the best we've tried in all the 40 years we have imported tiles from Italy. We have since the switch to Lauritzen, experienced a super service and delivery. I have recommended Lauritzen to others and would still do it if someone is searching transport solutions from Italy.
Bama Trading -
Since 2013, Lauritzen has had a transport agreement with the Bama Group. Lauritzen has run parts of the volume from Italy to Norway, and conducted missions in an excellent manner. The company has a competitive set-up with trucks, good rail solutions, good and qualified staff and equipment of high standards. The cooperation has been based on transparency, efficiency, and future-oriented.