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Safe transportation of seasonal goods

J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. carries many special seasonal goods and we are always able to find the right solution to our customers' specific needs. 


During the year we have many different seasonal transports. These consist of everything from plants to Easter eggs.


Depending on the type of goods, it will be carried in either curtain or temperature-controlled trailers.


In January and February transportation of Easter eggs begins, import from the Vicenza area. Already this year, we have carried 15 loads of Easter eggs. Hereafter commence the seasons plant transport which runs from February to April.


Especially our department in Stoevring handles transport of seasonal goods. Among these the most frequent are fish and fruits.


Primarily from September to April we carry fish.
Our fruit and vegetable transport depend on the seasonal fruits but runs throughout the year.


With road transport you can choose an Express solution which includes two drivers, and therefore avoid the hour of rest. This solution is especially ideal for transporting fresh fish.


We have extensive experience carrying different goods and we will help you find the ideal transport solution for your goods.


Please contact us on +45 75123133 or mail@lauri.dk





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